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Here at Transforming Leaders Institute, we want to be a catalyst for positive change.  Since  2009,  we’ve been driven by the mission to help leaders maximize their potential.

TLI –a non-profit organization with the purpose of serving, equipping and encouraging individuals and teams with deeper understandings of their personal talents, and unique abilities in order to enable them to effectively exercise their missional capacities and transform their talents into strengths for ministry.  

The TLI Aims to:

  • Equip ministry leaders, pastors, staff, church boards and districts

  • Mobilize individuals for effective ministry by encouraging them to “do what they do best” in serving Christ and their communities

  • Guide and direct pastors through the administration of an assessment processes

  • Support pastors by establishing an ongoing mentoring program

The TLI is made up of a network of five regional centers located at Nazarene colleges/universities throughout the USA/Canada and globally. 


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